Training Update: Week of March 6

Ahh yes... the first week of March has already come and gone as far as training goes. Boston is 5 weeks away, GCM is less than 6 weeks... And by that time, my season will be nearly over...  Whoa.
So this was a high-ish volume week, and as I mentioned, the plan changed when I realized that I had made a mistake on my race date, so that is what it is... right?

Let's take a look at my training for the week, shall we?

Monday: 5.13 miles AM, 5 miles plus strides (5.5 total miles) pm. 10.68 total miles. Core.
Tuesday: 60 minute walk. Pure barre.
Wednesday: 8 miles with 6x1 mile with short recovery, progressive. Pure barre. Core.
Thursday: 6.09 miles, 9:20 pace. Pure barre.
Friday: 5 miles, Pure barre. Core.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Heart Mini Half marathon (recap to come) + warm up and cool down. 18 total miles

47.77 miles
4x Pure barre
3x Core

There we go. Not the perfect week, as usual, but I am glad that I was able to really start to focus on what I wanted to accomplish rather than worrying about all of the troubles that I had with my elbow. So another week down, and this week... let's go.


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