I am in the middle of a few streaks right now. They are not very long yet, but they are started, and they have been going on for a few  days right now. And a few days is something good, I think. And I will definitely take it.

So I wanted to talk about these two things that I am doing. They are both hopefully self improvement type things.

I am meditating. I am only a few days in. I have done the Headspace thing, I did the original 10 day challenge, but was not sure that I could get into that far enough to justify the cost of it beyond the 10 day challenge. And so I was back to exploring. But I talked to my friend Emily, who I ran Ragnar with way back... what feels like forever ago, had a different recommendation.
Insight timer. There are in app purchases, but there are LOADS of guided meditations of all lengths that are included in the free app. So far so good. Emily has provided suggestions of places to start, suggestions on how to start myself (meaning, start slow, less time, forgive myself, etc). I am hoping to continue to grow and develop this practice.

The second thing I have been working on, streaking in, is writing. Nothing specific, not working on anything specific. Just trying to write every single day. I feel good starting up that practice and trying to keep writing, keep it up. I currently am in the middle of a 10 day journaling challenge. I will see what happens next after that.

I do think that both of these things that I am doing will be pretty self improving for me since they can help to keep me grounded and improving.


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