Race Recap: The Heart Mini Half Marathon

Ok, I have run this race before. Once. It was my VERY first ever half marathon (I have run the 5K several times and the 15K as well, but this was only my second time with the half). You can read about my first half marathon (and this specific race) in this post.

This year was not a goal race, I just needed 18 miles again, and it is way more fun to do that with friends and in a race.
Why not, right?

Anyway, I parked in J's garage that morning, arriving downtown around 6:45 with plans to meet Caroline for 2-ish miles of warm up pre race. I had a full 18 on tap again, just like last week, and it is MUCH easier to get 18 with a half marathon in the middle than a 5K like last week!

So...  2 watch screwed up in mile 2. It has me running 6:18 pace, and if you look at the chart, there is a hilarious zag off the road, which is obviously where my watch went wonkers, and why I showed 13.3 miles for the race. Regardless, I knew going in that it was not my day. So I was super comfortable just cruising. Running how I felt like running, and just enjoying myself. I had a good run. I ended up stopping once for the bathroom, and managed to run a pretty solid marathon effort run.

So I DID stop my watch when I went to the bathroom - after all, I was not racing, it was just a training run. I still have my race time/official time, but for my training run, I wanted to run my watch the way I would have run it for a training run.

This course is a tough one. I always hate it, every single year that I run it, but I always come back for the 15K (usually) because it is a well-timed tune up. And this was a perfect opportunity once again. So while I was not feeling PR ready today, I definitely will chalk it up to a VERY solid training run, 18 miles with 13.1 at marathon effort. So that is another win for me.

Things I am hopeful next spring:
1. More confidence going in. I would like to GO FOR IT.
2. Not so cold. The cold sucked.
3. Remember to bring fuel. Whoops.
4. Don't drink 4 beers the day before the race. Might have been a mistake.
5. Don't brew all of your coffee the PREVIOUS day, because you will NEED coffee for race day.

So, there are lots of lessons learned, and good workouts had. Right?  Moving on to the next workout, here we go.


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