Pic from my iPhone

Because I haven't done one of these in a while, and it helps me clean out my phone, here are some iPhone pics that have been hanging out for a little while.
 Jason in Asheville.
 Addie dabbing. (not sure where she learned this, but she knows what it is called)
 Princess Rapunzel, wig supplied by Papa's Christmas gift  (my dad).
 Post-shower cuddles.
 My Starbucks date.
 Cuddles with her puppy. They are best friends for sure.
 Silly faces!
 Post-run stretches.
 Have you seen stuff on #TeamFiona yet? Very preemie hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo, and I am super obsessed with following her progress.
 Painted nails - 5 different colors, the bane of Mommy.
 Wearing daddy's glasses.
Hanging out outside of Madtree after a fun morning coloring and playing ABC Mouse on Daddy's phone.

Hmm...  this somehow mostly turned into an Addie entry, but I guess that is because I pretty much only take pictures of her.

Hope you enjoyed!


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