Friday Five

1. Peak week is nearly over. It will be capped off with a 22 miler tomorrow, and then it will be taper time all the way into Boston. Lucky for me, I got invited to run with the Roncker's group on Saturday. They are doing twenty miles. so that is good. I know that I am going to make it.

2. I ran yassos yesterday. The full workout with 3:00 recovery. It ended up being a solid workout. It is probably worth a post all it's own because as usual it was a confidence booster for me.

3. I also woke up extra early. I was so concerned with getting my run in, and the nerves around that workout kept me awake. Which is no good. I got a little better sleep last night. Whew.

4. I had to start my meditation and writing streaks over again. Ugh. That stinks. But this time I am DETERMINED to get through 10 straight days. I have to.

5. I am planning on Pure Barre at lunch today. That will be my 20th class of the month! Woo hoo! Goal/challenge achieved!


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