Friday Five

It's Friday! And tomorrow I only have to run 12 miles. WOO HOO!
1. Like I said above, tomorrow is only a 12 mile weekend long run. This is the last down week before taper (to be real, next week is the last up week before taper - holy crap - IT IS SO CLOSE!) I am definitely looking forward to having a less than 2 hour run. That is awesome.

2. I listened to the Runner's World podcast that was the roundtable on eating disorders. If this is something that interests you, you can find that here. It is definitely interesting, and it is something that rings true to me, considering my history and everything else.

3. I am doing a CRAPPY job at limiting my spending. Seriously. This Spring line of O stuff is just too good. Right now they are having kind of an accessory sale and that means bras. I DEFINITELY have some bras that need the old heave-ho, but do I REALLY need 3 more? (My heart says yes, my head says no.)

4. Yesterday was a super crazy day at the office, but I managed to get through it all. I have to be honest. I am super pleased with the number of things that I managed to knock out yesterday, and I am hopeful that today will be as productive.

5. Jason and I are looking to buy some red sox tickets for when we are in Boston for the marathon. Wish us luck. I am sure they will not be easy to get...


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