Friday Five!

Here we go! Another week down, and another one closer to Boston and to Glass City. But first, another edition of Friday Five!
1. I had my timing screwed up for this half marathon that I was planning on running as a tune up. I thought it was next weekend. It is actually in two days, on Sunday. I text Coach Jen and we rearranged my workouts, etc, so I am ready for Sunday now.

2. J and I started watching a show called "Legion". We are only two episodes in so far, and I am real in. It is definitely my kind of show. Sci-Fi superhero shows. So if that is your thing, I recommend. Also - Aubrey Plaza. LOVE HER.

3. It was a super hectic week in the office. I am fairly certain that every week is going to be hectic from here on in. At least for the next few months  while things get settled following the sale. After that, I have no idea what will happen, but at least for now I know that I am going to be pretty busy trying to knock out all of the new changes and updates.

4. I had a solid workout this week, even with moving the days around due to my scheduling error. I had my workout moved to Wednesday instead of Thursday to give me more time to run easy for a few days to "taper" rolling into the half coming up on Sunday. More to come on the workout, because I am pretty proud of it, especially considering the fall over the weekend, and the fact that the paces seemed pretty intimidating.

5. I have watched "Trolls" more times than I care to admit. And honestly, while it is Addie's movie and she does love it, I really kind of enjoy it as well. The cast is talented, the music is fun, I love all of the bright colors... basically my taste in movies is equal to a three year olds, and I am not ashamed.


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