Friday Five!

How's about a little Friday Five action for the first time in QUITE a long time?

1. I spent last week out of town, and basically could not WAIT to get home and be in my own bed. Travel is tough and jet lag is for real. I am glad that travel to the west coast will be semi-rare, but hopefully often enough to keep my hands on the company and what we need to do.

2. I am reading Anna Kendrick's book. Gosh I love her. It is a part of my 2017 challenge for reading. Fingers crossed to keep up on the reading.

3. I have 18 miles, including a 5K tomorrow, which feels CRAZY. 18 miles is a whole lot of miles. but at the same time, it is obviously something that I can handle. I am looking forward to enjoying the Bockfest race, lord knows, I enjoy this this race. I have run it several times, and I like it every time.

4. Umm... I ate roasted artichoke, just salted and roasted, last week in CA. It was AMAZING. I have never had artichoke outside of in spinach dip before then. Why not? It is SO GOOD!

5. I am putting myself on a spending freeze this month. I am looking forward to seeing if I can make it work for myself. Fingers crossed for PROGRESS.


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