February goal progress

So, another month down! February, check! So let's keep this rolling. I am glad to get this post written on the first of the month (for once). I suppose these are all things that I am working for. Progress, not perfection.

1. Blog Posts - Goal: 150
I wrote 15 posts in February. Another solid month. 30 months total.

2. Pure Barre Classes - Goal: 150
I attended 11 classes this month. BOO! It was a crazy month. I am aiming for 20 classes in March. So I am at 24 classes for the year.  Slightly under the 12.5 needed for the year, but I am hoping to make up for that in March!

3. Running Mileage - Goal: 2200
I ran 171.29 miles in February. Crushed it. This puts me at 368.65 miles for the year. Average of 184 per month. Still puts me VERY slightly ahead of where I should be for the year. And in a 28 day month, heck that is all I can ask! Right?

4. Reading - Goal: 24 Books
I read three books. Hooray for a good reading month! So I have currently read 4/24 books for the year. Back on track. This month I read "just mercy" for a book club, "you are a badass" (which was the one that I started last month), and "kissing mr. right" which was a super speedy airplane read. Every once in a while (especially after reading Just Mercy, you need something light and quick).

So far, this is how the year has been shaking out, and I am quite pleased with that. So yahoo.


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