Enjoying Flying pig weekend

Note: I was given the opportunity to run the Flying Pig 10K through my partnership with BibRave as a BibRave Pro. Check out BibRave to read and review races!

So, I want to take everyone back to 2012. I was a newbie runner, I had never even run a half marathon (wow, 2012... that is not that long ago!) I was signed up for two halfs (training runs) and a full marathon. The Flying Pig marathon in my city of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Me, post shower, on the couch with the medal I earned running my first marathon. It feels like a long time ago. That was my first marathon, so I had a lot to say about it, you can read that here and here.

I also ran the 5K when I was pregnant. I wrote about that here. The only pic I have from that race has all the watermarks on it, so I won't post it again.
I have also run the 10K and the relay twice!
That year the work team and I worked hard together to get things squared away to order shirts in time for the race. That was fun and exciting!

This year, to add one more race to my Spring, I will be racing (ok, let's be real... RUNNING) the Toyota 10K as part of the Flying Pig Marathon weekend! Because it will follow up two back to back marathons for me, I know racing is going to be pretty unlikely, but I am really looking forward to enjoying the race in my city and spending the weekend downtown spectating, running, and cheering!


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