Emily v the concrete

Not sure if you have seen a few instagram posts I made this week.

Yeah... I fell down 10 steps into my shakeout on Sunday afternoon. My shoelaces were too long, and I just fell over them, even though they were tied.

I finished that run. 5 miles. Nice-n-easy pace after 18 miles the day before. I put a bandaid on my knee and manned up.

But the elbow was hurting. Kinda badly. I got through my run Monday, but made an appointment for Tuesday. And the result?

Yes... My elbow has a fracture. Now it is nothing like my previous fracture that involved a metal plate, surgery, 3 weeks in a cast, etc. This is just a small crack that should heal on its own. So while I am not wearing that sling too often, I have it for my comfort. I am also allowed to keep running and keep hitting PB. Just can't use weights or do full push ups (I have been doing them on the barre).

So at least I am still able to train, right? But it hurts, and it is NOT FUN.


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