Travel progress

So I am in Pasadena. We have been here since Monday. It has definitely been an experience overall, and I am learning a lot about how this new company runs their ship. But obviously, that is not something that I generally write about here, so instead, let's talk about what I have been doing toward my own goals and stuff since I have been here.

I have been having this hamstring thing, so I took my time on Monday morning before I flew out to see Dr. Mike, get my hamstring worked on and then taped up, and feeling a little bit better before I left to come out there.

So on Tuesday morning, I just got up and did my XT. I walked on the treadmill. 50 minutes. We spent the entire day at the new office. It was a stressful day. Because of that stressful day we decided to head over to yoga. One of the coworkers who is here with me used to live in San Diego. She LOVES yoga, and specifically is into hot yoga, and spent a lot of time at one specific place. And they have a location in Pasadena.
Yep. 105 degrees. An hour of class. Everything about it was awesome. I loved it. Seriously. It's not pure barre to me, but I definitely could get there. Because I loved it.

Wednesday morning, I headed out for a run.
That was the view as I ran around Arcadia, which is where we are staying. Mountains... My happiness. Run went well overall...  I think things are coming along.

Our plan is to head back to yoga tonight, and I am already looking forward to 6PM CP2.


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