Training Update: week of February 6

Another week of training down, 9 weeks to go. Things are starting to get serious before the Boston Marathon and of course before the Glass City Marathon, and I am definitely feeling it, but I am really pleased with my progress, because this past week was a big hurdle in my training.

And I got over it...

So here is a look at this week's training...

Monday: 9 miles with 4x30s striders, 9.52 total miles. Pure Barre. Core.
Tuesday: 60 minute walk. Core.
Wednesday: 8 miles, easy. Pure Barre. Core.
Thursday: 8 miles with 3x2 miles, alternating between marathon pace and 10K pace. Core.
Friday: 7 miles, easy. Pure Barre. Core.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 16 miles with 6 at marathon effort

48.52 total miles
3x Pure Barre
5x Core

Goals for next week include a hill workout, 5 days of core, and 4 days of Pure Barre.  Plus next weekend's long run is another 16er. So here we go.


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