Reminders: for me, for anyone

I have been struggling with paces a little recently. I mean, probably my coach would argue that I am doing just fine, good even, because I am learning to take it easy when I am not on a workout. But I feel like I am struggling.

There are a few things that I have been trying to remind myself in order to force me to realize that I am not necessarily out of shape, or not doing well, or whatever negative nancy thing that I might be thinking about at any given moment.

1. I am running at 4 am. I am rolling out of bed and outside (or onto the treadmill). I have not had coffee. Warmed up. Or anything. My legs are still asleep when I head outside, so OF COURSE my paces start out slow.

2. I am still 11 weeks out. This is NORMAL for me. I have even validated that from last spring's training and last fall too!

3. I am trying to put in all of the extras. Pure Barre. Core. Foam rolling. Regular stretching. Obviously these things are all helping, but it is an adjustment to squeeze them all in. I will end up stronger for it, but right now I am just tired.

4. It is busy season for me at work. Now this definitely has a different meaning for me now than it did when I was in public accounting, but it is still not super easy to feel busy and stressed at the office all the time.

5. I need to give myself a little grace. Right now, I am hard on myself after nearly every single run. And obviously, that is not a great way to be. I deserve much more than that.

Do you need these reminders?


  1. I definitely need these reminders too! I always start to feel so tired, can't hit paces, and beat myself up big time. Hang in there!


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