January Goal report

I figured I can take a look back at January and see how I progressed toward some of the annual goals (that had numbers around them). With any luck, I can keep up on these posts in 2017 (unlike 2016) and that can help to keep me on track for the year. At least, that is my goal.

1. Blog Posts - Goal: 150
I wrote 15 posts in Janaury. Not great, but ahead of the goal for 2017.

2. Pure Barre Classes - Goal: 150
I attended 13 classes this month. While that is on track for hitting my goal, I am still not overly pleased with this number. I can do better.

3. Running Mileage - Goal: 2200
On track for this one too. And I definitely know that it is likely going to be tight all around this year to reach this goal. Especially with multiple races (forcing me to take time off in October and May) on the schedule. I ran 189.66 miles in January. That is definitely the highest January mileage I have ever run.

4. Reading - Goal: 24 Books
I read one book. Oops. But I did start a second, so I guess that is something?

So far, that is the progress I have made on the year. I crossed into 200 miles in February already, so I know progress is happening, and I am hopeful that things continue to move forward.


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