Here comes the sun

I rarely rarely rarely talk about work here. Other than the fact that I am an accountant, and therefore I have some busy times of the year (year end, etc) and times of the month (beginning of the month when we are closing the books for the prior month), you probably don't know too much about what I do (unless you know me in real life), and that is ok. In general, I am going to keep it that way.

But, there is one thing that I feel like I can talk about. My company is being acquired. I have been there for nearly 7 years, been through a lot of things, and it is weird to think that soon it will change. (The acquisition has been made public, there have been some press releases and articles about it at this point, so it is not like I am spilling the beans about anything I am not supposed to). So while I am not sure how I feel about the acquisition yet, because obviously it means a lot of change, there is one thing interesting and hopefully good that came out of all of it...

Next week, I am traveling across the country for the week. We are flying out of Cincinnati on Monday evening. We are leaving in the early afternoon next Friday. And so I will get to spend a week in February in Southern California. Pasadena to be more specific.

So next week, when it is cold-ish in February here, I will be enjoying (I hope) some So Cal sunshine, working on my runners tan (or at least, running in a sports bra even if the sun is not up yet), and meeting some of the folks that I will be working with going forward.

Bring on the sunshine.


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