A Solid workout

Last week I had a great workout. It was a tempo-ish workout last Thursday that I nailed. Yes, I did it on the treadmill, but I mostly did that for my confidence. So I feel like it deserves a post, as it is a workout that my coach LOVES for marathon training. It turns out, I love it too. I did a modified version of it for my training this summer, and this was a much more full version of the same workout.

It is listed on my schedule as a tempo, which makes sense in that it is definitely not a repetition or interval workout. But it is not your standard tempo either!

So the full workout was 8 miles. 1 mile warm up with 1 mile cool down. I ran those at 7.0 on the treadmill. I used to try and push that up to 7.1-7.3ish, but honestly, its a warm up or a cool down. Therefore, definitely not worth exerting the extra energy. (Lessons that I have learned over time...)

The workout was set up to be 3x2 miles with a 1 minute walk in between. I was supposed to do the two mile repeats with the first mile at marathon effort and the second at 10K effort. After my disasterous "by feel" workout with an all-out 5K, I think Jenn wanted to make sure I was able to feel ok going into the workout, so she gave "recommended paces, subject to change."

She put marathon pace as 7:45-7:50. 10K pace was around 7:05. I was grateful for the time recommendations. It meant I could hop on the treadmill and not worry at all about what I had to do after that. I had my headphones and podcasts keyed up, ready to go, and hopped on the treadmill at the rec center near my office (my membership had expired, but they let me go this time without renewing it, bonus!)

I ended up running the workout very solidly. I did the marathon pace stuff at 7.8 mph (7:41 pace) and the 10K pace sections at 7:01 pace. I ended up covering 8.21 miles (the 0.21 was the walk breaks in between the repeats) in 64 minutes. I would call this workout a big win. Charlie told me I was no longer allowed to whine or be nervous about speed workouts, because obviously all of the pieces are there. While I know he is right, I do always get nervous.

I want to roll the confidence that I built up from this workout into this Thursdays hill repeats. CAN'T WAIT.


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