A First for Addie

Today is Addie's first trip to the dentist. At three and a half, I am not sure if that is later than most kids or right in time.

Overall, that does not matter that much. She is going this afternoon, and after today we will get her set up with the regular every 6 months routine. I am nervous about how she will handle it. I am nervous that she will be scared. I don't remember how I did when I was very little (or even if I went to the dentist as young as she is!) but she knows that she is going.

I figured that was the best thing I could do to help her. Tell her that we are going and talk about it regularly. We talk about the dentist brushing her teeth when we are brushing every night before bed. She has told her teachers that she is going to the dentist.

And at school last week, she had the perfect opportunity to learn a little bit more. I feel like she is well prepared now. A dentist came to visit them at school! It was a pediatric dentist (she will not be seeing a kid specific dentist. The dentist  I go to is a family dentist, so I have scheduled her an appointment there) who talked about what they do, showed the kids the instruments that they use, and even sent them home with a little dentist goody bag! This included a board game-style timer (2 minutes, how long you are supposed to brush your tee), toothbrush, little tube of Crest for Kids, and information about their dental practice.

Addie had some extra stuff in her goody bag though. The dentist needed an assistant. And as a group of three years olds, some were scared, some didn't want something on their face, and Addie... well, she is a bold, brave girl and she was willing to be an assistant to the dentist. And she wants to be a Princess Doctor when she grows up, so I guess she figured this was good practice?

How cute is that nugget with her scrubs, mask, latex gloves, and dental tool? She had the gloves and mask in her little bag, and wanted to wear them all evening after this.

Love this girl, and hope that the trip to the dentist today (12:40 pm) goes well!


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