A change in schedule

After the travel of last week, the down week was needed. I know I have said that around a million times.

Yesterday I talked to Coach Jen and we talked about how I have been feeling. Admittedly, I have been feeling tired. Worn out. A little sore and achy. I have been feeling like it is possible that I have been trying a little too hard this cycle.

I am making some changes to my schedule. I talked about this a little bit before my travel, but I am actually trying to put it into practice now.

I asked myself... why am I so concerned with being in the office at 7:15 am? Why do I feel the need to get Addie to her daycare the moment it opens? This involves a 4 am wake time daily in order to get a run done, lunch packed, shower taken, and off to work on time to drop Addie off at 7 am. 4 AM!!! That is freaking EARLY! And then most nights, I stay awake FAR later than makes sense in order to get up at 4. I want to spend some time with my husband after Addie goes to bed, after all.

So, I am changing my process. I am trying to relax and level off my anxiety about changing my schedule (yes, it might be dumb, but I feel anxious about NOT being the first one in the office). And I am sure that will take time. But, I am planning on shifting my "out the door" time back approximately 45 minutes, and being out the door around 7 am. This will give me approximately 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the day) of extra sleep. And 45 minutes to an hour is enough to make a big difference on a lot of days. At least, that is my hope.
And every once in a while, you feel rested enough to knock out a solid run despite being a week of travel (across the country so jet lag plays a factor), despite cutting your run short the weekend before because you are having some hamstring issues, despite  taking an extra day off because you spent the entirety of it on a plane. Sunday was that day.


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