Strava/Lululemon Challenge

I am on Strava and log all of my mileage and workouts there. I have been on it for several years now, and a premium member for around 2. It is a platform that I have enjoyed being a part of for a while now. I like the social and team aspect that it has, and the challenges add something to my thoughts around running and goal setting.

But in two weeks this January, Strava reached a new level as far as challenges and awesome go... They partnered up with Lululemon. The Lululemon 40|80 Challenge.

So they had badges at 40K and 80K over a two week period. Above, you can see that I earned both of them. I heard there were going to be prizes. I was thinking socks. A headband. Maybe some apparel based on a random draw or for the most mileage or something.

Because you only earn mileage toward this with data to back it up, I only made it JUST BARELY to the 80K. Any treadmill miles I ran during this two week period did not count. But I hit 80, and I am glad. 

When the challenge was over, I got an email from Strava/lulu congratulating me for completing the challenge and saying to go into your local store to collect your prize. 

For 40K...

And for 80K you would get the shirt, but add on...
Speed shorts. Basic black.

So yeah... that is $128 worth of Lulu gear that they gave to anyone who completed their challenge. Yes, you had to select black, but WHO CARES? I own almost zero pair of black shorts because those are consistently kept season to season, so they never go on sale!

Thanks Lululemon and Strava for the AWESOME opportunity! Keep partnering up!

This post was not sponsored by strava or lululemon in any way. I earned this outfit through completing the challenge. Check out strava at or Lululemon at


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