Reflections on 2016

I wanted to write a post where I reflected on my goals that I set myself from 2016, but at the same time, as the year went on things really changed. Goals shifted. Plans move around. In general, priorities can shift a little. So rather than looking at the list of goals that I set for myself way back whenever, I am just going to talk about the things I did this year, in relation to the original goals I set, if that is even applicable.

1. Blogging
I wrote over 100 posts, but definitely did not hit the 200 that were my original goal. BUT I was more consistent in 2016 than I was in 2015, and that was the first big step, right?

2. Run the Year
This one gets a big fat check mark. I ran (and walked - with intention) 2,107 miles in 2016. I am going to call this NAILING IT!

3. Reading
No where CLOSE to 52 books. In fact, I stopped tracking in like March... but it is ok. I read with intention. I started lots of books. I think this one is going to be on the 2017 list again, and even if I only TRACK for the full year, it will be a win.

4. Self care
Nailed it. Nothing else to say here.

5. Travel.
I went to San Antonio AND Asheville. 2 new places!

6. Taking Addie to Bronners.

7. Team Development.
Made strides, then stepped back again. Will probably not actually CALL this a goal in 2017 unless I can come up with a tangible measurement.

8. Cook
I said I wanted to cook a new recipe every month, and I am pretty sure that I did it. I cannot name everything, but if I wasn't there already by the time it was August, once Run Fast Eat Slow arrived in my mailbox I definitely did it.

I had two more goals for 2016, but they are not really applicable and there is not a good way to really talk about meeting these goals. (Or not?)

Anyway... There are parts of 2016 that I totally crushed. And there were some things that I definitely did not... So let's move on!


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