Friday Five XLII

Welcome to the first Friday of 2017!
1. I checked off the first book of my reading for 2017 goal this week. I read 26.2 miles to Boston, which was a Christmas gift from J. I am trying to decide what is the next item on my list to read.

2. Yesterday I worked from my couch with a three year old next to me. I had zero interest in being on the road in snow with loads of traffic for MANY hours, which is likely what would have happened. Better to work at home and actually get some stuff done than sit in my car all day!

3. I am just trying to ensure that I am working toward goals, constantly. I feel like while this is totally normal in the first week of January to feel very focused on this stuff, I am also wondering how I can keep the drive going (but not obsessively) for the rest of the year. Any thoughts?

4. This weekend I need to spend a little bit more time cleaning up all of the Christmas things that are still set up all over our house. Luckily, putting things away that are village related is much easier than getting them out and set up. Because I don't have to worry about fishing power cords or anything like that. Yahoo.

5. J promised Addie we would take her to a movie tomorrow if she is a good girl. We will see if she pulls that off because we have had a few tough days recently. She has been super grumpy in the evenings and we have STRUGGLED at getting her to go to bed. Fingers crossed that she does well tonight. IF she does and we do get to go to a movie, we are going to see Sing, as we have already seen Moana.


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