Addie's "big girl" room

This past Saturday night, Addie stayed at her Gramma's house, allowing J and I to get out and do something that we had wanted to do for a long time, check out a new brewery. Granted, at this point, the brewery is actually not that new anymore, but we did take the time to go all the way across town, finally.

But that was only a small portion of the reason we were taking a date day. We had big plans. We had plans to convert the nursery to Addie's big girl room.

And we did. And it took forever, it was super hard, and I know something that we will never attempt again, Princess Wallpaper. It is kind of a cross between wallpaper and a fathead. But we did have to wet the back of the paper and carefully unroll to get the whole thing wet (activating the paste) and then hold the paper up in the air (all unrolled) while the paste did whatever it needed to do. That was the tough part for me, because I did the holding, while J did all of the smoothing.

While it was far more of a nightmare to get squared away than we thought it was going to be, but in the end, we got the room finished up around quarter to 10 and were able to head to bed.

Based on that silly smile, I would say we nailed it?


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