A Holiday Update

I know that my goals post yesterday was probably a little bit boring. It mostly just covered the very high level things, but I felt like that was probably best because that will allow me to have some flexibility to add more depth (or not) depending on my needs this year.

Regardless, sorry for a boring post.

So this will be a quick Christmas recap from my family. These pictures are kind of in reverse order, but that is ok.
 Post present gazing up at the tree. Still in her "Chippey" pajamas (Chippey is her elf on a shelf).
 Checking out Elana of Avalor. Her current favorite princess.
 Me & the Roo.
 Our beautiful tree. I loved this one.
 Addie, upon first inspection of her big Christmas gift from Santa, a dollhouse.
After Santa came to the house and before Addie woke up. The calm before the storm.
Getting cookies and milk (and carrots for reindeer, of course!) She is apparently getting to that age where they want to smile silly ALL THE TIME. We will see how it plays out when she gets pictures taken this spring.
Merry Christmas from my family of elves to yours!


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