Training Recap: Week of December 5

Whoops, it has been a few weeks since I wrote a training recap. I definitely did not do that on purpose. But I guess now I am officially in training for the Boston Marathon! (Holy shit.)

So, since I am now officially training, how about a quick pic of me the last time I was at the finish line.
(Also - I still practically LIVE in that hoodie, I wore it yesterday!) This was November of 2013. I had given birth 3 months prior. And I was IN BOSTON. At that point in time, Boston was definitely a SUPER far away dream.

So let's look at the week of training! I am still building my base and not really doing any speedwork, but things are starting to move.

Monday: 7 miles, 4x30s strides. 7.54 miles. Pure Barre.
Tuesday: 60 minute walk on TM (cause Gilmore Girls). Pure Barre.
Wednesday: 6 miles run on TM (8:57 pace - Gilmores). Pure Barre.
Thursday: woke up sick, shifted running. Pure Barre.
Friday: Pure Barre. 6 miles with 5x45s surges.
Saturday: Pure Barre. 10 miles with 5x1:00 surges.
Sunday: OFF

29.54 miles
7x Pure Barre.

Damn! It was a big PB week! This was mostly because the weekend was specifically planned with different weekend Pure Barre plans. A class in Toledo is a nice addition. So let's keep it up!


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