Holidays in T-town

We have had our Toledo holiday celebration already. This is the first year that we spent Christmas at our own house since being together. In reality, I think it is the first Christmas I have spent in Cincinnati since moving here 12 years ago.

So that has a big impact that deserves its own post. We need to create our own traditions.

But other than that, we got to spend some time in Toledo this past weekend, seeing my mom and dad and exchanging Christmas gifts with them. I have a few pictures from Christmas at my dad's, so we will start there.

 Parker opening his present from his godmother (ME!)
 Addie looking at her Rapunzel WIG (!!!) from Papa. She loved it!

 Addie and Parker (and Teek!) trying to steal food from Papa's counter.
A little ham. And one of the Ham with my sister.

I think Addie is having a good Christmas holiday so far!


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