Friday Five XXXIX

Well, because I finally have a little bit of more time to write some posts. I am finally back with another Friday Five post.
1. Yesterday was one of the longest days ever. I spent the entire day working at Panera. I planned on being in my office around 1, but no. My car was not allowing that. (It was in the shop all day).

2. We had ugly sweater day at work, and I wore a Darth Vader sweater that I bought at target. It is a great sweater.

3. Wednesday night was our company Christmas party. This year we had it at the Westin. I honestly was not sure how it would be. I planned on being there not late at all. But unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess?) I ended up having a blast and stayed all night and actually THOUGHT about continuing the party at the casino with a few other people. I ended up getting a cab and heading home. (Needed a cab because the car wouldn't start, hence the entire day at panera.)

4. I am off today and we will be having our furnace repaired. I also need to run errands (finish buying Christmas gifts, get a few things for Addie's school party), run, and try and go to Pure Barre. I miss Pure Barre. I haven't been since Tuesday.

5. We are about one week from Christmas, and I feel like we have so much to do to prepare. Luckily things are getting better and I feel like I am making progress to accomplish everything.


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