Friday Five: XLI

Another Friday Five! Yahoo!
1. I am literally STARING at an item on my team's gear swap page. I have set a cut off. If it is still available at 9 am, I am allowing myself to buy it. I'll report back.

2. It has been a VERY quiet week. I was out of the office on Tuesday (we were closed Monday for the holiday), but Wednesday and Thursday were very quiet for me in the office. I know that it won't be next week, so I need to just enjoy this while I can.

3. It is a down week for running. That is an interesting way to end the year. Next week I am full force prep for the marathon(s), and it will be January and that means 3.5 (ish) months to Boston. It is time to get serious.

4. I am listening to a podcast with Nick Symmonds right now. Gosh that guy is inspiring to me. He is fantastic (and attractive).

5. I invited the hubs to join me at Pure Barre yesterday. He declined. Lame. I kind of wish that he would just come ONE TIME so he could see what it is like.


  1. I cannot wait to go back to barre! My husband never wanted to try it with me, either. Can't wait to read about your marathon training!


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