Friday Five: XL

Here we go, another Friday, and another Friday where I am off work! Woo hoo!
1. How is tomorrow Christmas Eve already? I am not sure how the year passed so quickly, but at the same time, I feel like it was a long year in a lot of ways. (Reflections on the year to come...) Regardless, hooray for Christmas!

2. I feel like things have reached a new level (of awesome? of weirdness?) when you are making a plate of cookies to take to the team at your Pure Barre studio for a Christmas gift, and you have to put a note on top "unfrosted snowmen are not vegetarian friendly". (they are made with lard instead of butter or crisco.)

3. I still have one last little bit of Christmas baking (although its not really baking) to complete this morning. I need to make peppermint bark. So mostly that is microwaving with refrigeration.

4. Addie is out of school today, and so we have BIG BIG plans... Ok, not that big. But one of them is the mall... so that is a little scary.

5. I feel like I have accomplished a lot this past week at the office. Impressive, considering it is the week before Christmas!


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