Workout that was HARD

Last Thursday... Ugh...  I had a super tough workout. Probably the toughest that I have done since running a marathon. I mean... Definitely the toughest that I have done since then and for some reason, maybe even harder?

So, the workout was scheduled to be the following:
1 mile warm up
5x 1 mile, paces and recoveries as follows:
7:20, 30s
7:10, 40s
6:55, 50s
6:45, 1:00
whatever I have left, 1:00
1 mile cool down.

So, because last Thursday was "Pure Barre for Runners", and I had PB at night instead of the afternoon, I was able to run during the day. It honestly was tough for me to mentally make myself do that workout outside. Doing it on the treadmill, while semi-mentally difficult, is easier because if I do not keep up with the pace, I fly off the end of the treadmill. But at the same time, forcing myself to get my legs rolling so fast that early in the morning (4:15 am-ish) is probably not the greatest plan.

So I decided to run at lunch. I decided to get myself set up at Summit Park, which used to be a small local airport. Now that it is the park, they have not pulled up the runway or anything, and out and back on the runway is 1 mile. So I figured it would guarantee flat surface, and also be a little more interesting than the track. 1 loop per mile is WAY better than 4.

It was tough. Everything about this workout was tough. I don't know why I was in so much of a strugglefest, but I was. Obviously these are not super easy paces, and that is super short rest, but ugh. I am more than capable of the workout.

Some things that I think might have affected the level of difficulty of this workout:
1. Up late watching election coverage
2. Up late watching WestWorld (side note: have you watched this show? If you are into Sci-Fi stuff AT ALL - WATCH IT)
3. Overall lack of sleep because I try and spend some time with J in the evening even when we get the Roo to bed and I am still getting my rear end up at 4:15.
4. Coach JG says I am still recovering and while some days feel awesome, some days will feel like crap because my body just isn't 100% yet.

I actually LAID DOWN in the middle of my 6:45 mile. I completed it, at that pace, but I actually laid down in the grass in the middle.

Hopefully this week's workouts go better.


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