Training Update: Week of 11/7

A tough week of training last week! But another week closer to the next goal, and I am only about a week and a half out from the race!
So let's take a look at last week!

Monday: 7 miles, convo pace, 4x30s strides (7.51 miles). Pure Barre. Core.
Tuesday: 60 minute walk. Pure Barre. Core.
Wednesday: 6 miles easy. (9:01 pace) Pure Barre. Core.
Thursday: 7 miles w/5x1mile repeats starting at half marathon pace and cutting back to 5K pace. HARD AS HELL. Pure Barre with the O ladies. Core.
Friday: 6 miles easy. Pure Barre. Core.
Saturday: 10 miles with 5x1:00 surges.
Sunday: OFF

36.51 miles
5x Pure Barre
5x Core
1x XT

And another killer week. :)


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