Race - Tomorrow I will FLY

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, tomorrow is race day. I am not entirely sure how it will go at this point. I am kind of tired, a little bit sore, etc, but I am going to go out there and give it everything I have. I should definitely be better off than I was a year ago for several reasons.
1. My Fall marathon was back in September. Last year it was just 2.5 weeks prior.
2. I am just FASTER than I was a year ago.
3. I am forcing myself (ok, Coach's orders!) to run a 2 mile warm up before, so I am hopeful that will help my legs to be rolling right away.

I have been rolling out my hamstrings and IT bands with shocking (for me) consistency.
I have been up early in the morning, drinking coffee to make sure I can nail my runs.
And I think I am as ready to run fast (for me) as I can be. Jason is picking up my packet at the office today. (His company sponsors the race, so I register through them, therefore he has to pick up my packet.)



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