Motivation when you aren't training

Sometimes expectations and motivations are working against each other. Like me... right now I am SUPER motivated to run Boston, however... well, base training is just not where my heart is right now. Balance is a tough thing to find when you have been training hard all year, but now is when the training is REALLY beginning.

Not to mention rolling into the holiday season.
Cold weather is coming here in Ohio.
You would much rather sit on the couch watching SouthPark, eating an iced sugar cookie, and drinking coffee (oh? Just me?) than go out for an easy run.
And everyone is still focused on the election results. Some are thrilled. Some are devastated, and some are neutral, but all are thinking/talking about it.

But, obviously, you have set yourself some BIG BIG goals (what? PR in Boston?) and so you need to be able to focus and get your work done.

So here are the things that I have been doing to try and keep myself motivated during this time when it has been extra trying.

1. Run in a new place. I am typically a road runner who runs loops and out/back courses in my own neighborhood with very little change. A few weeks ago, I headed over to the trails for the first time. I have driven past this little park ALL THE TIME and never went there. It looked like they had a more cross country style course, and I wanted to see it.
Once I got about a half mile away from the road, I found a single track trail with some rollers through the woods. It was beautiful back there. While the total trail was only around 1.5 miles, it was great, and I have been back a few times. My pace is not as quick, but it should not be!

2. Do something DIFFERENT other than run. Make your cross training interesting! Go to Barre class, spinning, just a long walk with your dogs, lift HEAVY, etc. As you know, I am partial to Pure Barre  (if you are in Cincinnati and want to try it, let me know!)

3. New gear. There is nothing like new stuff to motivate you to get out the door. I recently retired my shoes that I ran my BQ in, and while that was a little emotional, I am excited to wear my new "ninja shoes" - the all black and white Launch 3! And of course, as I shared on Instagram, my new jacket.
4. Or just take a break. If heavy training has not started yet and you really are not motivated to get out there and log big miles, maybe you just need a rest. Take a day or two (or even a week!) and re-evaluate.

Let me know how you get yourself motivated to get back on the running horse and keep training!


  1. I'm glad that I pretty much always want to run. I think this year of new bests got me all excited and extra-motivated to keep going.

    1. I always want to run too... its the 4 am times, the late nights with a non-runner, the not being able to chill all day after 20 because I have a 3 year old to run around with, etc... Sleep is good, and I don't get enough of it when training!


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