Halloween 2016

So it turns out that having a three year old on Halloween is MUCH more fun than having a two year old. Trick or treating was super fun!

I went as Snow White, so first, let's take a look at Snow White as a Halloween costume over time!
 Snow White at work, 2012.
 Snow White at our "little yellow house" as Addie calls it. 2013, Addie was nearly three months old!
 2016 (office bathroom).

And this year, as seen above, I wore Snow White to work, again,  but it was definitely a Princess Halloween! To be fair, we convinced Addie to be a princess, knowing that she loves princesses, and the fact that she told everyone she wanted to be a Lion, and by the time she made that decision, there were no lion costumes available in her size.

So Elsa it was.

How cute is that little Elsa? She is my most favorite Princess in the world. She had an absolute blast trick or treating, and we made it about 1 mile in our neighborhood. I told her as long as she wanted to keep trick or treating, she had to walk herself (and she did).

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!


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