A day off, handling stuff

I am posting this in the future...  Ok, really I am writing Thursday's post on Tuesday. Hopefully when this goes live, I am in Asheville, NC, on vacation. Gosh, I HOPE I am in NC, but as of Tuesday morning, J has not yet booked us a place to stay. He is planning this trip, so I am letting him handle it. :)

So instead, let's talk about something else, something that has already happened.

Monday, I took the day off work to just... be off work. I didn't have any real plans, nothing super specific to do, so I decided that I was going to do all of the things that I needed to do. So I started the day at the normal time, my alarm went off at 5:30 am.

I got dressed, got Addie dressed and we headed over to Blue Ash for our regular days work. I dropped Addie at school and then headed over to Panera to get to work. I started writing, hammered through a blog post or two (ok, just one, I think?) and just relaxed for a little while. I didn't have any commitments until 9 am. Granted, I could have gone for a run right away, but I decided to skip it. Not skip the run, but skip the run at that time.

At around quarter to 9, I left Panera and headed over to Addie's daycare. Today was the first "real" conference I have had with one of her teachers. I went to a conference when she was in the two year old room, but now she is truly in preschool and so I felt like a conference was probably a good plan. So I drove myself over to the school, entered my code to let myself into the building, and went to Addie's classroom. When she saw me she wanted to come charging over to me, but I held her back, told her to go sit on the "green carpet" with her classmates while I observed until it was time for my conference. I watched Addie and her friends review months of the year, days of the week, letters, numbers, the weather, etc. I think that is all stuff that they do daily.

Addie's teacher told me a lot of things that I already could have suspected. She struggles with her emotions. She is extremely empathetic of her classmates when they are sad, but when she is sad, watch out! I know that when she gets upset she mostly just cries rather than "using her words" which is something we have been working on for a long time. I guess we have to keep working on it. In addition, when she was quizzed on her letter recognition, she gets flustered quickly and then doesn't want to do it anymore. :( That makes me feel pretty sad, and I know it is something that J and I want to work on, as we know that she is very smart.

Following her conference, I immediately headed out for my run. I had to do 8 miles with strides. I only had just over an hour to do it because I had signed up for the 11 am Pure Barre class. I just ran right from the school, leaving my car in the parking lot. Because her school is in Blue Ash, I knew it would be pretty easy to plan a run around there because I have spent so much time running there, even though it is not typically from daycare.

I finished my run at 18 minutes before 11, giving me just enough time to drive over to Kenwood for my class. And the best part? I finished the PBStrong challenge.
20 classes in 31 days (there are still a few days left) along with 5 bonus points (mine were all earned via social media posts). Hooray!

After class, I headed to Trader Joe's to buy snacks for our vacation. I walked away with $100 worth of groceries (the majority of this was spent on our Thanksgiving turkey - oops - and beef jerky). But I know that I was going to have to buy the turkey eventually, and I am happy to have the jerky for the trip.

I also went to Mitchell's to get a haircut.
I told the woman who was cutting my hair "it is long enough to put in a ponytail, so I am putting it in a ponytail." So she took care of that problem for me! It definitely cannot go into a ponytail anymore. I love it, and am so happy to have it taken care of. I feel like sometimes hairdressers are not set on chopping all of your hair off, they are hesitant because what if you hate it? But not Tanya, she went for it. Thank goodness. I will definitely go to see her again.

I picked up Addie after that, and our evening was business as usual with dinner and a dance party.
We had a good day.


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