When everything can go wrong....

It does.

So on Monday morning, I had just a casual 7 mile run with some strides on the schedule. Convo pace, was what the schedule from Coach Jen said. It was cold that day. In fact, really cold (I should have worn mittens, but that is beside the point), So I had set knickers out to wear for my run. As it was 4:15 am when I got out of bed, I do my best not to turn any lights on, although I do use the little bit of light from my phone just to make sure that I am pulling on my knickers rather than pj pants, or whatever.

Now, typically, I wear underwear with knickers. But obviously, they are designed for you to not need them. So I decided that for this particular day I didn't need them. So I pulled on my pink tights, got my shoes and headed out.

Less than a block down the road, I realized that I MUST have put the tights on backward. WTF. How did I do that? Immediately, as I was not wearing underwear, I started to get a little ladybit chafing. There was no way on earth that I was going to last for approximately 7 more miles with ladybit chafing. So, I made the executive decision to run into the golf course, find some bushes, and flip them around. I had to take my shoes off and everything. Disaster.

I am glad I did that.

So I got back to the trail. And by the time my watch beeped for the first mile, I sort of felt like I needed to poop. Yeah, it was just going to be that kind of run. Luckily that feeling came and went. And I just tried to ignore it. There was one particular moment when I very seriously considered running off the road into a section of trees, but I resisted. I was definitely focused on that throughout this run, rather than my watch. Not sure if that is a good think or a bad thing.

I finally finished the run and it was a huge relief to get to the bathroom. The strides were definitely the most difficult part. But donezo.


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