Stitch Fix - my 5th fix

So... I know that I need to get an update written on my race (someone dropped a not so subtle hint at me about that via text message), but this post will not be that... I actually have something non-running/non-kid to chat about.

(rare, right?)

I recently became a Stitch Fix Influencer. This was an opportunity offered to me through the Sweat Pink network, and having used Stitch Fix previously, I was definitely game for this opportunity.  I LIVE in workout gear, even for the office, and with a few opportunities recently to present in front of executives, as well as my interview for a manager position, I definitely need to work on stepping up my game BEYOND tights and tunics.

For the first time, I linked to my pinterest fashion board, which admittedly, has not been updated in QUITE a long time. (I should probably spend some time on that before my next stitch fix at the end of November). And as a result, the ENTIRE fix was exactly my style. Two tops, a cardigan, a pair of jeans and leggings.

I wound up keeping the cardigan and a striped top. I loved the jeans and the fit of them, but could not justify $100 for jeans, that was the only complaint that I had about them. I loved the leggings, but they were plum colored, and I have a pair of plum leggings already. The other top was a black cowl neck sweater, and it just seemed way too big (even for a sweater that was supposed to be oversized). Jason agreed with that assessment.

Notice: I received styling for free, but all clothes were purchased with my own funds. This post contains links, and if you sign up for stitch fix using one of my links, I will receive a credit on a future order.


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