Speedwork: back on the horse

Today was my first workout after the marathon. Yes, the marathon was on September 10, so a long ass time ago. But I definitely needed the time to fully recover. So I am glad that I waited before doing a hard workout.

So here is what was on the schedule for the day.
So, to clarify... 1:38 for a 400 equates to 6:32 mile. So I am basically working three miles at a 6:32 pace. Prior to the workout, I started thinking about what that would mean if I could string that together in a 5K. That would equate to about a 20:10 5K, which would be a big PR for me, so I am definitely liking that idea... But obviously that has nothing to do with today's post and my workout.

So I rolled out of bed at 2 minutes before 4 am to go to the bathroom. I got dressed (my fresh green mac rogas and a sports bra, no shirt) and headed downstairs. I was doing the workout on the treadmill because it is tough/tricky for me to get my legs rolling that fast right out of bed on no coffee. So I sat on the floor, got my shoes on and my podcast tuned up, and got things rolling.

I determined yesterday that the 400s needed to be at 9.2 on the treadmill (6:31 pace). Having 45s of rest was something I had to spend some time to think about. Coach said REST. That doesn't mean jog, that doesn't mean WALK, that means just stand there. And truly REST.

So I started the treadmill. 1 mile up, which means I just set the treadmill at 7.0. I was planning on running the warm up mile at that pace, and cool down, it depended on how I felt. So the first mile felt great and so I kicked the treadmill up to 9.2. I cruised through all 12 repeats. It was hard as hell, but the 45s standing on the rails of the treadmill definitely was almost exactly the right amount of time. I mean, sure, having MORE recovery would be great, but I was ready to kick it up again when it was time to start.

The best part about it being full rest was that I could just grab onto the arms of the treadmill and hop off and leave the belt going. That way I did not have to worry about the time it takes to slow down or speed up the belt. I felt GREAT. All 12 repeats felt great. I was able to knock out my two miles down at 7.0 (and potentially could have gone quicker) and felt awesome (although SUPER sweaty) getting off the treadmill at 10 after 5.


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