Pure Barre - adding my family

As I mentioned, I realized that Barre 3 was no longer working for me and my lifestyle. I was getting some trouble at work from being gone at random times to try and fit in my workouts, and there were really no options to make the class work (no lunchtime classes, 4:30 classes only 2x per week at 4:30 pm). And I was sucked into a transition...

Admittedly, once again, as when I started barre classes the first time, Krista was an influence here. I was pretty much "off" still, no running, etc, after the marathon, and she text me and invited me back to Pure Barre in Toledo when I was visiting. Now, she invited me to come run with her as well, but I was still off running - she was surprised of that!

Obviously, I had been doing Pure Barre in Toledo whenever I visited. That is the only option there. But because of the way things were going at the office, I knew that I was possibly going to have to make a change. So because I already had that in my head, when I saw it come up at some of the PB studios locally were having a donation based class, I signed up. And I dragged my coworker Lauren along with me. She liked it so much, that we looked at classes a little closer to the office, and purchased 3 class packs at the Kenwood studio.

Yeah, since then, we have been all in.

This past weekend I was in Toledo. It was the annual family ladies trip up to Bronner's/Frankenmuth, MI to start Christmas shopping. Addie came up to Toledo with me, but she was going to spend the day with Papa (my dad) because years ago we decided no kids, even if the kid is a girl - my mom, sister, and I try and do another trip in the Spring/Summer where we take the kids. I wanted to go to PB Toledo when I was in town, and I knew the best way to make it work with our trip was to invite my family.

My mom agreed first, and I called up the studio and got everything squared away for my mom. I added her to their schedule and I also paid for the class on my account, just to avoid any troubles ensuring her getting registered. Within a few days, my sister was sending me text messages asking about it. Wondering if I thought that she could do it (considering her struggles because of her clubbed feet - she was born with them, but has notoriously weak ankles and calves, and her accident a few years back which left her with metal in her ankle and back), asking questions about movements, cost, etc. I was trying to be encouraging and realistic, letting her know that I definitely thought she could do it, but she would likely have to modify some movements. She was ok with that, and she registered too!

The class was set for 6:45 am on Saturday morning. I insisted that my mom and sister be there at 6:30 in order to fill out their waivers, meet the instructor (whose class I have taken at least one other time), and make sure that they were comfortable and ready to go. My sister picked me up at my dad's house, mostly to make sure that I was leaving my car there for my dad to use with Addie since there is a carseat in there.

They survived. They got through the whole class. My sister gave a disclosure to the instructor about her injuries. Obviously that was important. And I think they really enjoyed it, so I am thrilled to have shared something that I love!


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