Pumpkin farm!

The last weekend of Fall before Halloween was this past weekend. To be fair, this weekend might count as that, but that is too close to Halloween to be able to effectively "fall-ish". So we decided to do some fall stuff with Addie this weekend!

So after I went for a run on Saturday morning, we headed over to Burger Farm, which has a Fall Festival and pumpkin patch. We went there last year too, but were planning to take more advantage of it this year, now that Addie is so much more aware of the holiday.
Daddy and Addie walking into the festival. A perfect shot.

Right as we walked in, Addie spied "horsies" - a little pony ride where they walk around in circles - and wanted to ride it. Because her daddy loves her so much, I got in line to get tickets so she could go on the ride. After the horse ride, we quickly went through Pumpkinland, which Addie was not super interested in. And that is fine, of course, the real reason for going there was to get a pumpkin!

So we got in line for the hayride that takes you up the hill to the pumpkin patch (included with the cost of admission).
Family hayride selfie.

At the top of the hill, we all got off the hayride, and Addie immediately picked an "Addie sized" pumpkin. A pie pumpkin. And I made J take this picture with Addie.
After spending a little time up there, we got back on the hayride, came down the hill, and paid for Addie's pumpkin. We then went to the market to get my pumpkin (truthfully, I didn't feel like getting it up on the hill and carrying it around). Jason went inside to pay for it and came out with that and a cookie for Addie. A Busken cookie (local bakery) that was a jack-o-latern. She ate it, and we were left with this...

Yeah, that is the black food coloring from the smile of the pumpkin.

Big win for the fall day!


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