Friday Five XXXVII

Another edition of the Friday Five coming at ya from Bruegger's Bagels! It has recently been my favorite place to sit, drink coffee and write.
1. If I could, I would sit here (at Bruegger's) all day, most days and work, drink coffee, and write. I seem to be super productive when I am here. I think it might be because I am sitting up as though I am at a desk, without actually being in my office. So there are SOME distractions, but not too many, and the coffee is pretty good...

2.  Speaking of Bruegger's coffee... they have this bottomless mug club? I wonder if it is worth it, assuming I continue to work in Blue Ash and therefore am driving by here daily...

3. My left hip flexor is feeling SO TIGHT. I have been doing my stretches and muscle work nightly now, along with all of the stretching in pure barre, but I am definitely feeling extra tight. I will spend some extra time working on that this weekend, I think. Let's address all of this stuff before training really starts.

4. I am nearly done with Christmas shopping for my family (J and Addie). I need to write down everything that I got and see how things add up, and then I can decide if there is anything else needed to fill in gaps. I definitely still have to do stockings. I finished most of it last Friday.

5. I should have brought J's Hydroflask with me today. Then I could have gone over to Madtree for a little this afternoon and filled it up for him! That would have totally been a special thing and I cannot believe I forgot it. Ugh. Fail.


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