Friday Five XXXV

Maybe I am turning a corner? Getting my third post published this week? Does that mean I have found my blogging again?

We will see how that goes, but for now, here is a chance to write a Friday Five post for the first time in AGES!
1. I am headed to Toledo in a few hours. This weekend is the annual girls trip to Bronner's, and I am pretty excited to be off today and to be enjoying a cup of coffee and writing, with plans to hit the road around noon.

2. I made a change. I made a change in my barre routine. I have left Barre 3 and I am now at Pure Barre. The switch was made solely due to the convenience of class times. Pure Barre has a daily class at lunchtime, and obviously, as a full time working woman, lunch time is when works.

3. Oiselle has a puffy vest that I want for Christmas. You can read about it here. But it is $158, so I will really have to think about it... By the way, the one I want is the Quill and in blue...

4. Work has been pretty intense. I suppose that it always is, but I am definitely feeling exhausted of it all. I am not sure what that means yet, but I am working hard to try and figure that out. It is certainly hard for me to believe that we just issued our audit report in July, and now, in October, they will be coming out in just a few weeks for the interim work.

5. I saw an instagram post about SuperHero muffins 2.0. I would like to call these the "fall version" as they include pumpkin. I will be baking them when I get back from Toledo.


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