Frankenmuth trip - 2016

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was in Toledo this weekend for the annual Ladies Trip to Frankenmuth! I love going with my mom, sister, cousin (Megan) and Aunt Laurie! This year, my cousins wife, Stephanie, also joined us. I think it was the first time that she has joined us in several years.

After mom, Rachel and I were done with our workout, we said goodbye to Mo, and Rachel and I headed across Secor to pick up everything else we needed for the trip. By that, I mean coffee and Barry's Bagels, because of course. So I ran into Barry's and Rachel ran into Starbucks (right next door) while my mom drove home to make sure that she was there for Stephanie and Aunt Laurie (we would pick up Megan on the way). It always takes us longer to get on the road than we plan. Ugh. That sort of thing stresses me out. Honestly.

Regardless, eventually we were on the road and driving the 2 hours up 23 to Frankenmuth. The drive was uneventful, unlike last year, and thank goodness. We arrived at Bronner's just before 11 am.
We spent about 2 hours at Bronner's. I got some ornaments as gifts for my family (a "family" gift, plus one for J and one for Addie), Karen's gift- as usual, and Angela's present. The one special thing that I did was get Addie something that I told J was "naughty". I only said that because it was semi-expensive, it was something that we had only generally talked about, and I did it slightly selfishly.
That is a Mickey Mouse toy shop. It is part of Department 56's North Pole Village. There is an entire "Disney Village", but it fits right in with North Pole. I have always loved this village, but already having one of my own, I could not justify it. Now the reason that this is selfish is because I will get to have this in my house for the next 15 years or so.

After Bronner's we had lunch at Zehnder's, visited Rau's Country Store, a chocolate shop, etc before piling back in the car and heading home. On the way home, we stopped in Dundee, as usual. The "disneyland of gas stations" (also known as the Beef Jerky Outlet).

After arriving home for the day, picking up Addie from Papa's house and bringing her back to my mom's, and getting her off to bed, I felt it necessary to accomplish some other things...

Wrapping. So overall, it was a lovely day, and I felt like I got some shopping done!


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