Training Update: Week of 8/29

Well, well... I am getting SO CLOSE to the race.
Yeah... 4 days...  In 4 days I will be out on the course. I don't know what time I am going to hit publish on this post, but it is possible that I will be DONE.
So yeah, last week was the first week of taper, and I got lucky enough that it also was a fairly busy week at work, so I was not so deep into my thoughts as I sometimes can be. So rather than dig into that mental stuff, since I haven't spent too much time on it this time, let's look at the last week of training.

Monday: 7 miles, 4x30s strides, (7.54 miles). Core. Barre 3.
Tuesday: 45 minute walk. Core. Barre 3.
Wednesday: 6 miles, easy. Core.
Thursday: 6 miles, 4x 30s strides, (6.51 total miles). Core. Barre 3.
Friday: 6 miles easy
Saturday: 13.1 miles (Boy Scout Half). 8:14 pace.
Sunday: OFF

Barre 3: 3x
XT: 1X
Core: 4x
Miles: 39.15



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