Training Update: Week of July 25

Holy crap... I am right around 40 days until the marathon. 40 flipping days. I am maxing out in my mileage, I am feeling pretty good, and I am ready to start racing.
This was a high mileage week for me, and I am ready to take a look at it (and then run even more this week!).

Monday: 9 miles with 4x30s strides, 9.52 total. Core.
Tuesday: 60 minute walk, Barre 3. Core.
Wednesday: 8 miles easy, 8:58 pace. Core.
Thursday: 8 miles with 8x800m, alternating between 10K and marathon pace. Core. Barre 3.
Friday: 8 miles easy, 8:56 pace. Barre 3. Core.
Saturday: 18 miles, 8 sub-marathon pace. 8:00 avg. cool down walk.
Sunday: OFF

51.52 total miles.
5x Core
3x Barre 3

I am hoping to keep this up!


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