Training Update: Week of 8/22

The hay is in the barn, etc, etc. I am officially in taper mode now, which I can talk about to a greater extent later. But for now, I want to review the last week of training prior to the taper and see how it all shook out.
I frontloaded this week of training because I was on vacation with J and Addie at the end of the week, and did not want to get up in another city and run a long run. You know?

Monday: 11 miles + 4x30s strides. 11.52 miles. Core. Barre 3.
Tuesday: Yassos, paces between 3:07 and 3:15 per 800. 10.63 miles total. Core
Wednesday: 9 miles 8:48 pace. Core.
Thursday: 18 miles.
Friday: 60 minutes XT
Saturday: 8 mile run 9:01 pace. 90* and full sun. Ugh.
Sunday: OFF (foam rolling)

57.15 miles run
1x Barre 3
3x Core
1x XT

Nailed it.


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