Inspiring Performance

I am certain that I am not alone here, but watching the Olympics over the two previous weeks has really put me in a good place to finish knocking out my training and really hammer it the rest of the way home and NAIL this race. I am absolutely inspired now, and I am feeling great.

I mean, yes, I am tired right now after the weekend's long run. I am tired after yesterdays speedwork (I ran Yassos as a final big speed workout before the marathon). But I am not feeling like anything that I am trying to do is out of line with what I am capable of and my goals. It has been amazing to watch all of the extraordinary performances that have been going on.

I have been trying to use Barre 3 workouts (even if I have to do them at home) as my time to focus. I am trying to use them more to meditate than to strengthen my muscles. Although my muscles are definitely still benefiting from all of this! Unfortunately, things at work have been less than awesome, so I have been escaping in the middle of the day far less often than I would like! Honestly, I need to reach out to the folks at my studio and see if they have suggestions and things, because if they don't, the unlimited class package does not make sense anymore.

Anyway, that was kind of a downer moment. I did not mean it. The point of this entry was to talk about the fact that I am inspired. I am psyched. I am ready.

And I am.

I have honestly never felt more prepared going into a race than I do right now. I am worried about getting through the next 2.5 weeks, because I know I am ready and I just want to race right now! But at the same time, I know that I am going to need the taper that I start next week. I am hopeful that those two weeks of lower mileage is really going to help my legs get refreshed and feeling better. To be real, they don't feel bad, just tired.

So, onto the race. Let's go.


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