Trip to Texas - Part 1

In mid-June, I flew into San Antonio to meet up with J. He had already been there for about 4 days for a conference for an insurance accounting group that he is a national officer for - newly appointed after this conference ended. We had good BIG plans to spend a bit of time in San Antonio and then to run up an hour-ish to Austin to spend some additional time.

I got there on Wednesday afternoon, J was at a lunch for the conference, so I rented a car, drove into downtown San Antonio, and then hit the treadmill for my easy run that I had planned for the day. After 7 miles on the treadmill, I headed back to the room and met up with J. He got a text from one of his friends, Karyn, a fellow officer in the group. They were going to find the Alamo and wanted to know if we wanted to meet up with that.

It was VERY hot, so we went and hung out at the Alamo, which was very cool, and then went to find a place where we could have a beer and sit in the air condition. We found a Saloon that also happened to have a Wild West Museum in it. We did not tour the museum ($10 did not seem worth it!) but we were able to see a lot of stuffed animals while we drank native to Texas beers. I had a black Hefeweizen that J picked for me. In the evening, we had happy hour at the hotel before heading out with the group again for dinner.
We ended up having dinner at a restaurant called "Cure". They smoke and dry their own meats. In fact, they had a whole pig on their smoker when we arrived. J and I split an order of gumbo and some poutine. It was super delicious. And based on Chuck's recommendations (the guy in the bottom left corner) all of us were drinking Mules (J and I decided that we like mules, drank a lot of them over the weekend!).

We got back to the hotel pretty late (for me) around 10 pm, and J and I headed up to our room for the night. We had plans to head up to Austin in the morning after I got my run in.

The next day, after I knocked out my tempo run (3x2 miles that I was nervous about for some unknown reason) we got in the car and headed up to Austin. It was about an hour away. We found a brewery on yelp and decided to head there first. It was called "hops and grain" and was just on the outskirts of downtown, maybe a mile and a half from where we were going to be staying.

We had a beer, asked the folks there about barbecue, and then headed out to their suggestion of Le Barbecue. It ended up being a food truck that was parked in a little food truck park! It was perfect, with picnic tables, etc. And the food was UNREAL. IT was SO GOOD!

More to come on our trip to TX, as this is getting long already!


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