Training Update: Weeks of 7/11 and 7/18

Sorry sorry. I know...  I totally failed at updates AGAIN last week. Maybe someday, I will be able to keep up with blogging the way that I want to, I hope...
So, since I had some time to sit down this weekend and do a little bit of writing, you are going to get a training update, and I know that it is a good thing since I am now less than 2 months out from my BQ.2 race and my third official (not counting Chicago last fall) BQ attempt.

Week of July 11
7/11: 6 miles, 4x30 s strides. 6.52 total miles. Barre 3. Core.
7/12: 5 miles, easy pace. Barre 3. Core.
7/13: 6.16 miles, convo pace. Core.
7/14: 50 minute walk. Barre 3. Core.
7/15: 5.01 miles, easy pace. Barre 3. Core.
7/16: 10 miles, 7:56 pace. cool down walk.
7/17: OFF (little bit of yoga/stretching)

Barre 3: 4X
Core: 5X
Miles: 32.69 running
XT: 1X

Week of July 18
7/18: 9 miles. 4x 30s strides. 9.52 total miles. Core.
7/19: 1 hour walk. Barre 3. Core.
7/20: 7 miles, easy pace. Core.
7/21: 9.34 miles, speedwork. 3x2miles, 2x800m. 7:45 avg (including walking recoveries!). Barre 3. Core.
7/22: 8 miles, easy pace. Cool down walk. Barre 3. Core.
7/23: foam rolling, stretching.
7/24: 16 miles, convo pace.

Barre 3: 3x
Core: 5X
Miles: 49.86 (UGH! SO CLOSE!)
XT: 1X

As you can see, I am working on ramping up my mileage, working on ramping up my workouts, and working super hard to make sure that I am capable of meeting my goal on 9/10. More to come!


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