Training Update: Week of July 4

So last week was a big week for me because it was an up week and I am really feeling like things are starting to feel REAL with only 9 weeks to go. In addition, they announced the date that registration opens for Boston in the fall. Registration opens on 9/12/2016 with rolling admissions as they have done in the past. I run my marathon on 9/10/2016. JUST in time.
So let's look at the week that has passed.

Monday: 10.91 miles  - fartlek ladder workout 7:37 avg pace. cooldown walk. Core.
Tuesday: 1 mile run, 3.4 mile walk. Barre 3. Core.
Wednesday: 7 miles easy (8:59 pace). Barre 3. Core.
Thursday: 8 miles convo pace and 4x 30s strides. 8.55 total. Core.
Friday: 7 miles easy. Barre 3. Core.
Saturday: 16 miles. Barre 3 in the Park.
Sunday: 1 mile jog.

Total Mileage: 51.46
XT: 1 day
Barre 3: 4 days
Core: 5 days

Seems like a pretty solid week, right?


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